Zak - a children's novel

Full of adventure, humour, magic and discovery, ‘Zak’ conveys the importance of connecting with nature, honouring difference, and being your unique self. 

Most loved by 7-12 year olds and adults, ‘Zak’ is a 150 page story. 

"I am not exactly a usual boy. And I started being unusual even before I was born. Maybe you are unusual too. I used to think i was the only one but I'm beginning to suspect there are a lot more of us than I ever imagined."

Born flying Zak's first proper conversation is with a duck. He flies out of the window on his first day of school and lives his zany, wondering life with his cat and his family . . . until one summer, age 11, he goes to River Island. There he meets Laloune and Sh'krump who lead him into a series of funny, scary and astonishing adventures, through which Zak discovers that reality is full of magic and that even people make good friends.

Listen to the first three chapters here.

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Chapter 3: 

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