A day for promises


Today is a day for promises

For going into the well of truth

And not being scared by what is there


For gently calling out to each other

Our bird songs of love

Which are not exact things

Not measurable

But are the seasons, the weathers, the nests

Where we live our lives together

Places to grow, to love, to rest


Some promises are well known and yet still true

This day I give my hand in marriage to you


Some hopeful, tender, safe

I promise to care for you in peace and strife


Some are wild, unbridled, strong

I promise to be the best of myself with you


I promise never to hold you back

From growing, going, discovering new

Zones of being, meaning, knowing


I promise to ask a lot of you

That you be true, be honest, be yourself

And I promise to ask a lot of me too

That I be true, be honest, be myself


I promise not to collapse into false harmony

To deaden the spark by pretending to agree

I promise to fan the flames of our precious intimacy

I promise to live life lovingly with thee


Bridget Belgrave
December 2013 

© Bridget Belgrave 2019